You will find yourself living a dream in one of the most popular destinations in the world. Its coastal roads, its landscapes with cliffs overlooking the sea and its cities set in the rock, make it one of the best places to visit by motorbike, whether you are in pairs, with friends or simply alone.


DAY 1: Arrival in Naples with destination Vietri sul Mare

Having landed at Naples International Airport, we suggest you reach Vietri sul Mare by train (not by taxi as it is very expensive). The city is located in the southern part of the Amalfi Peninsula and here you can rent a motorbike with delivery to your accommodation. 

Regarding how to get to Vietri sul Mare (just over an hour and a half.), the first step is to reach Naples Central Station (Piazza Garibaldi) by the following available means:

1 - Aerobus at a cost of 5 Euro (In most cases slow and overcrowded)

2 - Collective taxi at a cost of 5 Euros (The fastest and most comfortable way)

From Naples railway station the trains to Salerno are

1 - Salerno

2 - Reggio Calabria.

When you arrive in Vietri sul Mare, one of our trustworthy accommodations awaits you, from accommodations in the centre to luxurious villas surrounded by greenery.

Once settled in your accommodation, it's time to get out and explore the town, strolling through the ancient streets lined with unique ceramics. 

Already it will be time for dinner, and an aperitif and a good dinner on Corso Vittorio Emanuele) will be the perfect conclusion to your first day on the Amalfi Coast.

DAY 2: From Vietri sul Mare to Amalfi

We have chosen motorbikes or scooters for this trip, to avoid intense traffic and problems related to parking (a very common problem throughout the territory) as the cities, being set in the mountains, make up a journey made up of very winding roads, with little space and with nestled in the mountains.

It is possible to rent motorbikes in Vietri Sul Mare through our Collaborator XXXX.

Having rented the motorbike we will begin our journey by stopping in the city of Cetara (be careful in the summer as it is closed to traffic) where it is possible to visit:

1 - The port

2 - The Marina di Cetara and Lannio beach

3 - The 34 signature benches

4 - The Viceregal Tower

5. The Churches of San Pietro Apostolo and San Francesco

During this little tour I suggest you have lunch at the XXXXX restaurant where you can taste the typical spaghetti with "colatura d'alici"(anchovy sauce) accompanied by appetizers and various whims